Planet Joyn

JOYN is the home of whoever wants to work together
to build a better world through technology.

JOYN is the home of whoever wants to work together  to build a better world through technology.

Welcome to Planet Joyn

More than a group of companies united by a purpose, we are
a living and ever-evolving culture.

An ecosystem where motivation, talent and innovation can grow and prosper.

A place where people are empathetic, easy-going, strategic-minded, capable of receiving and giving constructive criticism, and able to keep up with the fast pace of business.

The Planet where the unlimited universe of corporations (academic and professional) can find the right partner to meet their challenges.

Planet Joyn

Are you a Pathfinder?

We are starting a program designed to connect us with your academic world.

During this year a group of students will be part of this program
and will experience the interconnection between not-so-distant environments – college and

If you are in the 3rd year of your bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can be one of the 10

Want to explore more about this initiative?


    See the FAQ’s below.

    Some activities will be remote, yes, but we will have several face-to-face moments and, of course, we would like to count on you.

    If you are fluent in Portuguese and/or English you can be one of our pathfinders. Sign up.

    You will have autonomy to manage your time and effort. We are looking for committed people but we will not keep you awake at night. We know how demanding college can be and our goal is for you to get the most out of your course and experience.

    Yes, there is no value associated with the program.

    Yes, share your email below with us to stay informed and receive first-hand news from us.

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